Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Gotta See It to Believe it...

Unix Fine Art has discovered one of the best contemporary fine artist in the world. I'm not trying to hype my homie, but I wouldn't write about him if I didn't think he deserves a spot on the blog. His name is Maximillian Wiedemann, and he comes from London.  MaxiBillion never saw the inside of an art academy. His career started on the line with a spray can in his hand, and getting chased by dog. From a background of advertising and business development, he spontaneously took a decision to devote and merge his corporate knowledge with the opportunity to produce artwork that is relevant to the day and culture of our current habitat. If I quote Max right now, " I feel like I have a certain reality that is rare and relevant, We are just filling in the gaps that Andy didn't manage to wrap up."

In Greed We Rust