Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm the type of person that enjoys riding around, checking out the art in the streets. And everytime, I see something new, and I believe it should be shared. Even though, this artist is sharing his art with Miami, I feel like it is worthy for the world. Check out some of Animal Takeover's work.

El Mac and Retna...

You've seen their work in Wynwood and the Design District, and are probably wondering who is responsible for those magnificent pieces. El Mac and Retna are the ones responsible and their colabo's are eye popping. Retna's unique lettering combined with El Mac's representational figures gives Miami another aspect of art in the streets. These two artist are from L.A. and were here for Art Basel 2010, creating something extremely magical for the city of Miami.

From L.A. to M.I.A.

On March 24th, 2011 well known street artist, Alec Monopoly, had his solo show at Avant Gallery. Alec's style filled the room with vibrant colors and iconic figures, leaving everyone stunned with amazement. He is based out of L.A. and his work can be seen all over major cities like NYC, London, and Boston. Bringing his style down to Miami was the next step. First doing a show at the Mondrian, for Art Basel, which was an excellent event. Aloe Black performed his hit "I Need a Dollar" while Alec awed the croward with his art work.  Now having a show at Avant Gallery, located on 39th and N. Miami Ave in the Design District, we are sure to see Alec down here more often.