Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The New York Wall...

During Art Basel, a lot of people found themselves going from one event to the next. What they did not realize is the real action was in Wynwood. An insane amount of graff writers and street artist had taken over the streets of Wynwood. I was invited by Samuel Mark, an influential artist from New York, to come by and film the wall he was working on. Samuel and a few other artist created an amazing mural that mixed graff and street art. Signifying graff writers and street artist are equal to one another. They do what they do for one reason and that is to occupy as much wall space as possible. If you ever find yourself in Wynwood, I urge you to go check out this amazing wall, located at NW 2nd Ave and 22nd st. To all the artist who participated, Stay Up, Go Big, and Never Quit. Samuel Mark, Fumero, AOM, Abso, Sev,Veks, Velo, Lost, Alec Monopoly, Werds, Eres, Leaf, Json, Meno, and Beaso, you all did an amazing job! (Click the photo's to enlarge)

Photo's by Paisley Dee